About Us

Oneliance is a post-construction cleaning and labor staffing general contractor based out of Charlotte, NC. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, streamlined construction support services to general contractors at highly competitive prices. The founders of Oneliance began with the common goal of helping people and building relationships. From employees to vendors, and most importantly to clients, that is what we strive to do every single day.

At its core, Oneliance is a cleaning company. Our motto is “We clean, you shine.” As Oneliance has grown, the roles and relationships we’ve taken on for many of our clients have evolved. By delivering exceptional service, we’ve been able to grow our company to offer streamlined services – integrated construction cleaning, pressure-washing, skilled and general labor and more.

We strive to provide the highest quality services while upholding honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. Our mission is to satisfy and delight our clients by providing solutions to their problems, and by making their projects run more smoothly. We will always believe in the importance of building relationships by means of teamwork, family values and respect.

Oneliance LLC

10610 Metromont Parkway, Suite 202
Charlotte, NC 28269


Construction Cleaning

Oneliance is your one-stop shop for turnkey Construction Site Services, including post-construction cleaning and pressure washing.

Punch List & Skilled Labor

Oneliance supplies skilled laborers for punch list work, sheet rock installation and repair, painting, carpeting, and demolition.

Janitorial & Maintenance Services

Oneliance provides cleaning & maintenance services for a variety of building types including: warehouses, offices, condos, hotels, higher education facilities, etc.

Construction Staffing

Oneliance can supply project managers, superintendents, lift operators, flaggers, and other construction professionals.

Why Oneliance?

Oneliance is the premier post-construction cleaning, temporary staffing and skilled labor provider in the South. With its home office in Charlotte, NC, Oneliance provides services to many of the largest commercial contractors in the area.

Exceptional Service

Because we offer such a wide range of services, from construction cleaning and general staffing to pressure washing and skilled labor, we can streamline our delivery and simplify your project execution.

Teamwork & Respect

If you want to save time and gain peace of mind by knowing that your job will be completed at a competitive price, call Oneliance.